Social Life: ROTC vs. Service Academy ecas rotc senior service academies

In today’s post, I want to offer an overview of what you might expect when it comes to the social scenes at service academies versus traditional colleges. 

Some of you may receive an appointment to a service academy and an ROTC scholarship that you match with a traditional college. 

In this case, you might be wondering what your social life would be like in these two scenarios.

Just to review, once you receive an ROTC scholarship, you then take that scholarship and use it at a...

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The importance of staying physically fit physical fitness rotc senior service academies

In today’s post, I want to address how important it is to stay in great shape.

Hopefully, you took my advice months ago and got into the best shape of your life in order to do your personal best on your military fitness tests.

Even though the fitness tests vary somewhat in their importance in the selection process (both for ROTC programs and the academies), the process is so competitive these days that you can’t afford to slough off on anything. Nor should you.

You should...

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How to avoid the big mistakes ecas rotc senior service academies

Newsflash: the road to getting an ROTC scholarship. congressional nomination, or service academy appointment, is full of potholes (big and small).

There are many ways to get derailed.

You might have a medical condition that knocks you out of contention, you may be in a super-competitive congressional district, you may be running against a demographically-advantaged peer, or you may sustain an injury right before your Candidate Fitness Assessment.

The list of potential problems is long.


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Why starting EARLY matters so much rotc senior service academies traditional colleges

In today’s post, we are talking about the importance of starting this process early.

I know it sounds cliche when someone says “when you prepare ahead of time - good things will happen.”

It’s a cliche for a reason. Because it’s true.

Early preparation is one of the core tenets of ServeWell Academy’s mission, and I want to spend some time discussing why this is the case.

For most teenagers, getting ahead of the curve is not always a big priority, so...

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